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    DZ’OB is an electroacoustic band from Dnipro, Ukraine striving to combine classical music tradition with contemporary electronic approach. DZ’OB not only synthesizes genres like classics, IDM, techno, dubstep, but also comes up with unique, eclectic sounds that blur the lines within ages, and traditions.

    The band was founded in 2014 and consists of 5 instruments: oboe, bassoon, violin, cello and electronics. Ensemble starts by re-imagining tracks of the most eccentric electronic composers like Aphex Twin and Squarepusher and mixing them with Shostakovich and Haydn. Currently the band’s repertory consists of pieces composed by its members and collaborations created with modern composers.

    In Ukrainian media, DZ’OB is often called the undisputed leader of the local avant-garde scene. Their recognizable sound, which the band defines as «electroacoustic IDM», is unique not only for the Ukrainian but also for the European scene.

    In just a few years DZ’OB managed to perform almost at all Ukrainian festivals within their genre. Among them are Koktebel Jazz Festival, Hedonism Festival, Plan B, Am I Jazz, Respublica FEST, Jazz on the Dnieper, Zaporizhzhia Jazzy, Via Carpathia, Docudays UA, Book Arsenal. DZ’OB live shows are impressive: the drive and power of electronic music doubled in a pair with the accuracy of academic music.

    DZ’OB frequently collaborate with electronic producers and musicians.


    • Maksym Andrukh

      eleсtronіcs, drums, composer

      I was born on 29 August 1985 on the outskirts of Dnipro, an area between two plants and two railroad branches. Since my early childhood, there has been a lot of various music at home thanks to my parents. Vinyl records with dixieland, rock’n’roll, tapes with bossanova, synth pop, new wave and other beauties of the 80’s. Dad, even though he wasn’t a professional musician, played the trumpet, the chromatic accordion, the guitar a bit, and sang falsetto a lot. That’s why, our get-togethers were 99% real-life musicians and music teachers. No wonder my brother and I took piano classes in a musical school which I, unlike my brother Taras, quit after two and a half years (he ended up having a great impact on my musical tastes). At that point, the official musical education was over. The self-induced nature of where we lived couldn’t help influencing our mindset, and, as a teenager lurking around the railroad graveyard, I listened to industrial, grunge, hardcore, and other…

      In late 90’s I met Alex Baldin and immediately (in 15 years) we came up with DZ’OB.

      I wanted to be a designer or an architect but did nothing for that and entered the faculty of physics and engineering.

      Being a self-taught guitarist, I played in a few bands. I took clarinet lessons, but the stars were against it. As a university student, I got interested in electronic music more. In passing, I got to know the modern academic music and earns the avant-garde rock of the 80’s and 90’s.

      On an average day, I’d listen to Nirvana on my way to school, then, at Alex’s, we’d listen to Schnittke, Zvuki Mu, and Kuryokhin, and, back home, a mix of Radiohead and Slipknot. And, if I was lucky (dirty and happy as well), it was drum’n’bass, noise, or techno at an underground party in an abandoned crematorium or just an incomplete construction at night. After the university, I understood I wanted to cast my lot with music. I started studying sound engineering while working at a local recording studio. And to this day, apart from DZ’OB, I’m engaged in sound engineering and sound design. Now, my love to dixie, bossanova, synth pop, new wave, grunge, hardcore, IDM, drum’n’bass, ambient, industrial, avant-garde rock, modern academic music, my base-level knowledge about tools and NDT, and my childhood habit of breathing creosote (its smell was everywhere) help me in creating the electronic layers for DZ’OB.

    • Oleksii Starshynov


      Hi! I’m Olexii Starshynov, the bassoon player with DZ’OB. When I was a little kid, I, with my brother and two sisters, started studying music. Yup, music runs in our family). As a teenager, I’d skip the music classes and play football with my friends. Since bassoon is rather an unusual instrument, I often had to show to it to the local gang. Everybody just loved it!

      After finishing the music school in my hometown of Kryvyi Rih, my brother Vasyl and I moved to Dnipro where I carried on studying in the academy of music. I went on to work in the philharmonic orchestra where I got to know the complex and beautiful world of academic music!

      In Dnipro, we met very cool and talented guys Olexii Badin and Max Andrukh, the founders of this unbelievable project called DZ’OB, where I’ve got the honour of being the Eccentric Bassoonist!

    • Oleksii Badin

      cello, artistic director, composer

      I was born and raised in Dnipro. One of the key and in many ways defining moments was a cartoon accompanied by Schnittke’s music that I, aged 5, accidentally watched when my parents were out. The unbelievable music left an eternal imprint in my head and made me search for the composer’s name for years. A significant role in broadening my mind played his grandfather’s nice selection of vinyls, mostly jazz and classic. Despite the interest in music, my parents had other plans - in-depth studies of mathematics, the lyceum of informational technologies and, in the end, the faculty of mechanics and mathematics. In the lyceum, I met Max, the band’s future co-founder. My interest in the academic music and Max’s totally opposite musical tastes resulted in an experimental duet of the electric guitar and the cello. Free improvisation, layering absolutely unrelated musical fragments, and other experiments, witnessed by my family and neighbors, formed the basis for the future musical search. Luckily, our duet never played a gig and, due to the poor internet as of early 2000’s and the lack of social networks, no work of ours was published. Then, our paths diverged: I started studying in a conservatory and Max moved to Kyiv. The interest in baroque and modern academic music intertwined with electronic parties in bomb shelters and abandoned buildings in the industrial areas. In the conservatory, I had an idea about the band and its name, although originally, it was a string quartet, then, an ensemble relying upon the social dance music, mostly tango, and mixing it with techno, jazz, and academic music. The history of DZ’OB started in 2014, when I graduated from the conservatory and Max came back from Kyiv.

    • Iryna Li


      I was born in Pyatigorsk, Russia, and I was fluent in the piano aged 5. When my sister was about to graduate a musical school, I could play her graduate set by ear. When I was entering a musical school myself, the committee talked my parents into me taking the violin classes. And then, it began. I finished the school majoring the violin and Kharkiv conservatory majoring in viola with diplomas cum laude. Now, I play two instruments: the violin takes over the viola and vice versa… On top of that, I studied fashion and beauty industry and finished a school specialising in it. I took part in various magazines’ photoshoots and worked with famous stylists. There was even a moment when music took a back seat, and for a few years, I didn’t play at all. Then, it seemed music was in the past… After the break, I played in classical ensembles and orchestras. And then, there was an offer to try electronic beats combined with classical instruments! The DZ’OB project was very unusual for me. But it quickly became my favourite one thanks to the members’ professionalism, the friendly atmosphere, and an interest to new and creative things.

    • Vasyl Starshynov


      I was born and grew up in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. When I was 6, my parents gave me and my brother to music school, but I took up the oboe accidentally: for three years, I’d switched my instrument every year — the alto saxhorn (or simply the alt), the percussion, and the recorder. And only then, after my new teacher’s advice, I picked up the oboe. My parents got me my first oboe (made in Leningrad!) in the musical department of a small wares shop 🙂, but even despite that, I liked the instrument and went to study in Kryvyi Rih musical college.

      After finishing the college, I was lucky to be a student of Volodymyr Shulman, a great musician and teacher, who was working in Dnipro conservatory. It was him who turned me into the musician I am now. He cultivated in me the love to classical and modern academic music, as well as understanding it as art and a life goal. And that’s when I met Olexii Badin and Max Andrukh…

      It all started when Olexii offered to listen to Alarm Will Sound and then — to be in the band. Since then, I’ve been happy and proud to be a DZ’OB member.


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